RA8875 – Custom Font PDF


Here it is :)

RA8875 Custom Font

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RA8875 Creating Custom Font


Ok ive been gathering info and will try to create a custom font today. I will be doing this MANUALLY nothing automated since this is a test. Ill be sure to post code and process info in most likely a PDF format within the next day or so.

Here is a Preview!


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Relax day.

Had 3 teeth pulledbtoday. Its time for me to get some rest. Til tomorrow!  :)

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Watch “Keyboard code” on YouTube

Capacitive 7in lcd keyboard:


Code: https://github.com/AtomSoftTech/RA8875_8080_795f512H

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Watch “David Guetta – Shot Me Down ft. Skylar Grey (Lyri…” on YouTube

This song is just. . I dont know.. i love it.

David Guetta – Shot Me Down ft. Skylar Grey (Lyri…: http://youtu.be/3x2ABSAMVno

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Damn USPS.. Showing off their stupidity.


Look at the package… look at the label.. 1. Why is it marked as envelope or magazine?
2. How do I get a yellow slip after I get the package? Which i picked up at 9am.

These people just suck big time.
Also the yellow slip is dated for yesterday… hmm.. seems like someone is pretty slow.

As a note.. I live 100ft from my local post office.

Had to vent and also keep track in case one day I go poatal :) just kidding. … *muah haha

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OMG I hate the USPS

Update.. 6.20.14…. just came in

Can someone explain to me what in the world is happening with this postal system…

You can track it yourself if you dont believe the image below: 9400110200830295630490





How do you come from the WEST COAST to the EAST COAST then back to WEST COAST then back to EAST COAST?
How long am i going to have to wait for some damn PCBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!