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IR sets coming!

Got a few ir sets coming in a few weeks. Sold my last one.


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Whats next?

While im waiting on parts and stuff to come in for my remote, I would like to ask the viewers what they would like to see in the future.

I have experience with ARM. PIC. XMOS. some FPGA and ARDUINO.

Got any product or widget ideas? Need help? Ask or if its private email me @ atomsoft@gmail.com

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Now on Tindie!

I sell on Tindie

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RemoteSeven IR Code Update

Small but very important update… TV Power wasnt working. In the IRCodes.h file change this line:

#define DYNEX_TV_POWER 0x0F//015


#define DYNEX_TV_POWER 0XF0 

That should fix the issue… revered the F lol silly me .. also updated Github repo :)

Also added my SD Card images to REPO

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RemoteSeven: Transitions

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Ive been getting a lot of feedback thanks to HAD. Some include…

Use RF recievers on devices and a transmitter on the remote.
Use uGFX for display control.
Use a piezo for feedback (clicks) Accelerometer for wake up and sleep
Battery monitor
Vacuform an enclosure

Let me tackle 2 of those with a response here.

RF reciever and transmitter..
This would not only raise complexity but also drive the price up as I would have to make seperate pcbs for each device with their own mcu and reciever and then power each. So seems out of the question right now.

This is overcomplex for a simple remote with no rtos. Its way to much. Not to mention I would have to basically make a bsp (board support package) to drive the display.  Why change what works ? :)

The other feedback is still on the table and ill play with the ideas.

Thank You everyone. Please feel free to comment more.

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Just ordered another lcd for another project. Just wanted to say that thier support is awesome even tho you have to be up late due to time zone difference. 

Their prices are great and the selection is perfect for any lcd need. So go check them out :)