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Atom32 v8 .. any thoughts?

Ill post specs soon.








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New boards soon!

Let me atart by saying thanks to everyone who ever ordered from my tindie store. If it wasnt for yoy a lot of cools ideas would not be surfacing and funding wouldnt be coming in.

I plan on getting at least 3 boards added to the products list and upgrading a few existing boards.

On the list of upgrades are:
MicroUSB Hero

Something new to expect:
Step up and Step down adjustable
LCD Backpacks (tft and character)
uSD Master

And more perhaps :)


Hantek DSO5102B


Ok just in is my new Digital Oscilloscope. Its has a 100 MHz Bandwidth and 1GS/s with some cool features. I havent had much time to play with it as of yet but here are some pictures.

As for a rumor on the PLASTIC being bad and/or weak connectors/holes. This thing is STURDY! Feels like a its tough and there is NO type of weak connections (as of yet at least).

The LCD is perfect and clear. The probes seem pretty strong as well. Heavier than i would have expected for a wire :)

If i get some time ill write a proper review :)

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Atom32 Redesign… v8

i (1)Just took the day to make this. (image above) Its a new Atom32 almost exact pin usage. The pin layout is 100% the same except its smaller :)

This version while smaller will cost more for a couple reasons. Besides high cost of BOM, (i sold other ones based on parts i had laying around) this version will allow you to use it as a USB card reader. You simply it the switch and it disconnects USB and MicroSD from pic to use on PC. The chip that controls this cost a lot.. $22 i get them for less in bulk from MAXIM Direct but still. That’s a hefty price on a single IC.


I know this may seem like a lot but to be honest…. saves a lot of programming and possible error. I have designed with these and know they work perfectly!

Would love some thoughts on this :) 

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How to load RetroBSD onto the Atom32 Video!

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Artwork for Atom32

A couple people have asked me about the Atom  and   Feather artwork on the PCB. I used google images to find them and did not see any disclaimers or anything, but here are the original images and their sites are on them. Thank You


feather atom

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RetroBSD Device!


Just created a device driver (i think)… There is now a “led0″ in “dev/” and also a test application in “bin/” its called “ledtest”

Running ledtest will simply blink the 3rd led on/off about 7 times with a 1sec rate. The options/commands for led0 are:


All of them use a structure which is basically (LED#, DELAY,COUNT) as you may have guess the DELAY and COUNT do not matter for the ON/OFF options above and is only used for BLINK.

You can download the FULL PACKAGE