The Kraken

I was assigned to create a PCB for testing machines along the production line at Wazer. The goal was to make something that can check as much as possible before hitting certain final stages in production. Finding issues beforehand saves time and money. There are tons of peripherals and electronics on a Wazer that could […]


Today I write in to share my newest creation. I call it the AtomKeybOR the OR is for the shape. It’s an OR gate shaped keyboard. It only has 5 keys and is shaped to fit my hand and probably many other hands comfortably. The main reason I decided to make this is to ease […]

Modding old MP3 player

My wife recently found an old MP3 player from about 2008 and asked if I can get it working, knowing I love this kind of stuff. I said I’d give it a shot but no guarantees. Having a look on the side I notice a weird 4 pin header and a label on back that […]

Learning Python w RGB Strip Controller

Hey everyone, been busy with work lately but had a long weekend, kind of vacation with all the storm stuff happening. Ive taken that time to pickup Python which is a funky language to be honest but a needed tool to learn especially if i want to start a career in programming. I know im […]


So ive been busy designing some new boards I call AtomICs. The main reason for them will be to allow people to create more using breadboards. Testing designs and having fun. There will be more to come but here is a peek at what’s currently made. These are my 2 level shifters. 2 Channel and […]

NEW! 6 layer PCB service now from OSH Park

We are very excited to announce our new 6 layer PCB service! 6 Layer Prototype Service $15 per square inch, which includes three copies of your design. Pricing For example, a 2 square inch board would cost $30 and you’d get three copies of your board. You can order as many copies as you want, […]


Hah.. yeah I made this for the dipDuino but I guess since it’s adjustable it can be used for others… Here are some pics.

New Stuff

Hey guys, this post will just be an update. I have a couple of new PCBs being made by OSHPark . They are awesome as usual and have kept up during this pandemic. Which is a tuff thing to do. The first PCB is my IOBuddy shrunk down to smaller size. Its called the AtomIO […]

DipDuino v1.7 (3v3, 5v)

Ok so far both of these are stable. They are the same pcb with the same parts except for the jumper on top and resonator on bottom. 5v version is 16mhz and 3v3 version is 8mhz. I’ve even created a little Test / Programming rig for them. It’s nice and simple and best of all […]