New Products!

In case you’ve missed it. Here are the new products:

ESPBuddy Flasher – ESP8266 Flashing/General breadboard tool

IO Buddy – GPIO 4 Button/4 LED breadboard tool with Power Select

AtomISP – Atmel ISP Programmer


Say hello to MicroAngelo! (Special thanks to my wife for the name)


Some info:

MicroAngelo (Comes from “michelangelo”) is a Arduino Leonardo Atom sized. This is mainly for its cuteness as shields are hard to take off but it is fully functional and will be making shields on request as well.



  • RX
  • TX
  • USER




  • All headers are 1.27mm (0.05″) pitched
  • USB is Micro
  • SPI are on VIAs

It has the same breakout as the Arduino Leonardo but smaller and no SPI. Comes pre-programmed with Leonardo running and has a 16Mhz Crystal. The ISP pins are on VIAs instead of pins as they take up to much space.

More info on the Leonardo here:
I will post schematics soon.

For Sale in my Tindie Shop! (pending approval)

Technically a holiday.

Today my daughter turns 4. She is so smart and a little cutie. Im calling today a technical holiday because i have so much planing to do for her small party.

Watching this girl grow up is awesome! She can already write her first and last name and can do some addition. She can read her friends names and often helps them out. She loves to paint, draw and play on my phone any game she can download :) she loves her homework and shes always happy.

I want to take this post and time to make sure i tell the world how great she is.



Temp/Last stock items on sale

Some new/old stock. These items may or may not be added again as soon as its gone. These are just a ton of items i have no use for and need the space so im having a sale.



Okay i finally got my hands on a few ESP8266 and they are available in my tindie store.


Also created a new Documentation site.

Programming Arduino With Breadboard Buddy Pro

It’s just this simple!


Should work on all arduinos that use a USB to UART connection (uart bootloader) . Uno, Pro Mini, Mini etc…

BBBPro RX –> Arduino TX
BBBPro TX –> Arduino RX
BBBPro DTR –> Arduino RST
Power as usual :)

Quick Update

I know i havent been blogging for a while now and sorry but i have been ultra busy finishing the Breadboard Buddy Pro campaign on, Glad to say its done 100% and i can continue with normal stuff.  Im working on a few new things. For the meantime visit my shop and get some toys :)

If you havent noticed already, here are some of the new products in my shop.

ESP8266 Buddy

This is the ESP8266 Buddy, Great simple product for breadboard-ing the newest wifi modules to hit the scene. I have a V2 coming soon which will allow you to program the module as well.

Probe Buddy Set – 4/2

This is a simple but extremely useful PCB, it allows you to use your logic analyzers or oscilloscope probes to catch a signal on the breadboard. This is a MUST if you are having issues or are just huge on testing signals.


This is for all the PIC users out there, whether its a PICKIT 2,3 or ICD, this will save countless headaches from shifting wires. Using this PCB will allow you not only to power your breadboarded PIC but also easily program it without taking up too much space.

BreadboardBuddy Pro

Yeah, finally in the store is my Breadboard Buddy Pro. This time it can be customized a bit. You can select Options which are Lipo and Button. Mix and match what you need and save money at the same time. This board is a circuit saver!