Hey everyone. Ive been busy working a new job and been kind of sick lately. So i havent had much time to do any physical work but i do have a new board. Its based on my DipDuino but using the SAMD21 instead. This is a beautiful little PCB with tons of power in a nice small form factor.

The MCU of choice here is the ATSAMD21G18 which is a 32-Bit ARM Cortex M0+. The PCB operates on 3.3v and can be powered and programmed via USB Cable. You can also power with USB pin on the header but please dont do both at the same time as there is no real protection for your USB port.

The SAMD21G18 runs at 48MHz and has 256KB of FLASH and 32KB of SRAM. Its a great part. The Arduino Zero uses the same MCU and this means that i will also preprogram this to run as an Arduino Zero for out of the box programming. No need for a debugger.

Here is a render. The PCB is 71.63mm x 12.06mm [2.82in x 0.47in] … No actual PCB made or tested but maybe soon.


Yes im at it again with the Arduino family. I focus a lot on Arduino because of its popularity and how easy it is to use. This time around i give you the DimeDuino. Its a Flex PCB based which utilizes the ATMEGA328P. Using this MCU allows for the installation of the Arduino bootloader. Hence the Duino in the name. These will come pre-programmed with the bootloader. One portion of the circle is just for programming. There is a GND, VCC,RXI, TXO and DTR & RST depending on your programmer.

As soon as its available ill post it here and on Twitter.


  • Atmega328 running at 3.3v/8MHz or 5v/16MHz
  • Power LED (Green)
  • User LED (D13– Color may vary but mainly Blue)
  • Reset Button (makes board 2.35mm tall, if removed its only 1.36mm)
  • 3.3v(AP2112K) or 5v (AP7335A) Linear step down
  • Flash 32KB (2KB is Bootloader)
  • SRAM 2KB
  • 20 I/O Pins (A6 & A7 are not used here. Input Only anyway)
    • 1 UART D0 (RX) and D1 (TX)
    • 1 SPI D10 (SS), D11 (MOSI), D12 (MISO), D13 (SCK)
    • 1 I2C A4 (SDA) and A5 (SCL)
    • 6 PWM D3, D5, D6, D9, D10, and D11
    • 14 I/O D0-D13

Here are some pictures for now 🙂

Update Aug 9, 2020:

Newer PCBs from OSHPark…

AtomCNC V3

Yeah its been a while. I decided to upgrade my little cnc controller.. well. the PCB does the same thing but easier connectors and everything is replaceable. Its basically a carriage for PCBs. I Love thats its small. 99.7mm x 60.26mm AKA 3.93inch x 2.37inch. Holds 3 Axis and a cloned Y axis for my dual axis Y. Has simple connectors for my Limit Switches and Probe plus a RESET. Also has the Spindle and/or Laser port. So i can plug in a simple Spindle PCB for when i use it as a CNC and then Swap it for a Laser Controller when i use my Laser (2w diode) module.

The Controller is my tiny DipDuino Yep.. Made for it but can be used with other controllers. Just have to stick with the DIP form. Any how… take a peek 🙂