Nokia 7110 Library

Hey guys it seems like the Nokia 7110 LCD is getting pretty famous out there and a lot of people are in need of code for it. Here is my own custom library. Nicely commented and with a sample Main.c file to get you started. It includes some features like Fade, Typed, Style(underline,crossed out). I hope you find it useful.

Code: [Download]

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7 thoughts on “Nokia 7110 Library

  1. Hi Jason,
    Thanks for sharing this usefull library.
    I have been playing with it a bit, but despite being able to display test strings on the lcd, I have not been able to output the contents of variables in my code to the lcd, stuff like time, temperatures etc calculated in the code.
    Can you help?

    Thanks a lot


  2. Hi,
    So long time from your post is created but anyway.
    i did not find which C compiler is used in 7110 lib and demo. I have tried Hitech C and Microchip C18 and without luck. Just tell me which one is used.

  3. Me too. Now is the second problem with compilation.
    Seems the font table is to large to fit in PIC18F2525 flash memory.
    Can you provide for me linker script? At this moment i do not have enough experience to make script self.

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