Nokia 6100 LCD Code

Since i let go of my site a few people have asked me about my LCD code for the Nokia 6100 LCD… Well i dont have hosting for ZIP files, so i went to RapidShare… If this link should not work please leave a comment and i will reupload it and place a new link ok. There are 2 links below. The basic is just some cut down LCD Code. The FULL contains a more advanced LCD code with the Image Converter.


Some Videos:

UPDATE: FEB, 26 2010

New Pictures of it on a test board. Running a PIC18F248 (MATURE PIC)…

5 thoughts on “Nokia 6100 LCD Code

  1. I have tried to download this sample for two days now and I am always told that the Site Is Busy.
    Could you just email it to me please?
    Many thanks Ian

  2. hi i love your Lcd work, could you please email the full code to me?
    I would very much like to experiment with it.
    I was redirected here from ebay, but the links dont work 😦

  3. Hello. You did great work by writing and providing this piece of software. I used it with XMC4500 microcontroller (instead of PIC as in your example) and I have to say library is very easy to adopt to different hardware platforms, which is great!:)

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