New Nokia 6100 boards

New Nokia 6100 Boards… REV 2…. home made also! (REV 1 HERE)

Did i mention its SINGLE SIDED!!! Might get these pro made! Wonder how cheap it would be ?



1. Moved trace from under LCD Connector so no more protective tape needed…
2. Added a PIN to control LCD Back Light (has built in transistor and 1k resistor) … a logic high will turn on BL and Low = OFF
3. Repaired Back Light (WHITE LED NOW)

Published by atomsoft

Starting a small company. Trying to build it from ground up. Only 2 employees so far. Nothing serious yet but soon!

9 thoughts on “New Nokia 6100 boards

  1. Very cool. I’d like a carrier for the Nokia 7110 LCDs because they’re a real pain to interface to. Although, in fairness, these 6100 LCDs are much cooler (full colour) so these are probably much more worthy of the effort! Are the LCDs easy to obtain?


    1. Soon they will be easy to get. I will sell the boards here for $7 free shipping.. (First Class) ($5 s/h for priority) (US ONLY) if outside USA then shipping isnt free. Might get a few LCDs and sell entire thing for $13-$15… Which is cheap in my mind…

  2. By the way, what equipment did you use to make the PCB with? I’ve got one of those heated bubble etch tanks which is quite nice, but I’ve not used it yet because every time I’ve wanted a PCB made I’ve ended up saying “sod it” and I’ve got them professionally made instead! It costs a bit more but there you go.

    Your board looks pretty good though.

    1. I use a laser printer with a laminator. And for etching i use Muratic Acid & Peroxide mixture.. (2 Peroxide parts to 1 muratic acid)

      All SMD is soldered with a IRON no baking crap

  3. Really lovely project atom. I want to see completed project using this Color LCD. Btw those 3.3V regs, u bought those from DIPMICRO site right. I also searching for 3.3V T0-220 package ones.

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