Control PC From Windows Phone

Hey guys i know i havent been around for a while, but i have something new i have been working on. I have a windows phone its called the


Its a great phone (most of the time) since it has a nice full touch screen i was thinking why dont i make a program for it. Took me about 1-2 days to figure out all the tools and software needed…

Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 or 2008 +
Windows Mobile SDK
Windows Mobile DTK

Not sure if i named it correctly or what but those where it.

Its simple enough to setup all those 3 things without me explaining it. After installed you can program for windows mobile using C, C#,VB etc… Its great! I chose C#
For me to be able to control my PC via Windows Mobile phone i first had to Make a TCP server for my PC and then a client to run off the phone hence the main program.

The main idea of this was to control a PIC from my mobile phone so i can do some lazy task… like

Turn on my AC from outside so when i get home its cold in my room. Dont want to waste energy so i turn off AC when i leave home.
Turn on my Lights from outside. This will not only be nice to have but it can deter criminals if they assume there is someone home.

Those are it so far heh. I might have it turn my TV on to my favorite channel and have it wait for me. 😀

Got the Serial code for C# working as well.  Going to make PIC design on breadboard and have a go at it…

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Starting a small company. Trying to build it from ground up. Only 2 employees so far. Nothing serious yet but soon!

2 thoughts on “Control PC From Windows Phone

    1. It cost money for the sim card and service. This way allows me to do the same thing (kind of) via a internet connection.

      You can simple use a Laptop to host the server this way POWER isnt wasted. (just make sure you leave it plugged in)

      GSM also i cost alot to imlpement and then all code has to be on PIC which waste space and processor time.

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