Ok enough is enough. I have spent tons of money on little things. I want a XMOS !!! Instead of me saving my money to buy it, i end up spending it on little things which im sure i dont really need.

I plan on saving as much as possible and ordering a XMOS XK-1 and some bare XMOS uCs. This time im serious. So far i have $0 Saved lol.. its funny right? yeah…

Anyway i will save up $120-$130 for the XK-1 and some XMOS uCs and parts for it. Lets see how long it takes.


Published by atomsoft

Starting a small company. Trying to build it from ground up. Only 2 employees so far. Nothing serious yet but soon!

4 thoughts on “XMOS

    1. Yeah i plan to get them from a closer source,… Digikey…


      $0.45 cents cheaper too! heh but i can buy everything and save on shipping…

      Index Quantity Part Number Description Customer Reference Backorder Quantity Unit Price
      Extended Price
      1 1 880-1000-ND IC MPU 32BIT SINGLE CORE 64LQFP 0 7.50000 $7.50
      2 2 W25X10BVSNIG-ND IC SPI FLASH 1MBIT 8SOIC 0 1.43000 $2.86
      3 2 NC7WZ07P6XCT-ND IC BUFF DL UHS O/DRAIN SC706 0 0.47000 $0.94
      4 2 NC7SZU04M5XCT-ND IC INVERTER UNBUFFERED SOT23-5 0 0.50000 $1.00
      5 2 BD10KA5WF-E2CT-ND IC REG LDO 500MA 1.0V SHTDN SOP8 0 0.88000 $1.76
      6 2 BD5332G-CT-ND IC DETECTOR VOLT 3.2V CMOS 5SSOP 0 0.52000 $1.04
      7 2 535-10220-1-ND CRYSTAL 13.000 MHZ 18PF SMD 0 0.41000 $0.82
      8 1 XCARD XK-1-ND DEV KIT EVENT-DRIVEN PROC XS1-L1 0 99.00000 $99.00
      Subtotal $114.92
      Shipping unknown
      Estimated Sales Tax unknown
      Total unknown

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