XMOS no more…

I decided to forget about XMOS. I decided to go with ARM. ARM seems to be a nice budget choice. Especially in these bad times. A ARM IC can cost as low as $3. XMOS minimum is like $7. Also the ARM programmer can be made or bought for under $20. (parallel) The XMOS programmer is $50 minimum.

As you can see the price is important. ARM speeds are great but harder to implement parallel type code. But the price is main thing right now. So ARM here i come..

About atomsoft

Starting a small company. Trying to build it from ground up. Only 2 employees so far. Nothing serious yet but soon!

7 responses to “XMOS no more…”

  1. pasanlaksiri says :

    Way to go brother. As I know ARMs are build by lots of companies right. I have a controller card that comes with SAMSUNG ARM 7 Processor.

    • atomsoft says :

      Yeah ARMs come in wide varieties. But most have the same core. There are a few cores
      tho. Im thinking about starting with the ARM7 core ARM7TDMI. Mainly since it is available
      in ISIS (Proteus). This way i can create simulations on it since i dont own a scope. It
      would be simple to debug issues with it.

  2. Roman Vaughan says :

    I was looking forward to seeing someone trying out XMOS chips because of their speed. I have yet to look into arm processors

    • atomsoft says :

      I recently applied for a new job. If i land it then i will jump into XMOS. But for now and until i land a good job i will get into ARM. Sorry. But im sure you will love ARM also. Arm MCUs are in tons of devices from small laptops type netbooks and cellular phones. So they are powerfull!

  3. Ingenieria Electronica says :

    Since Arduino everybody are starting to use ARM. I will have to give it a try.

    I always used PICs.

    I am Looking forward to see your projects

    • atomsoft says :

      Arduino is AVR not ARM but still ARM is a nice MCU its really simple. (the low end devices) it depends on what you want to do. My main thing is to control LCDs and VGA monitors. So expect to see tons of stuff soon.

  4. Nabeel Fattah says :

    Hi Atomsoft,

    Could you please let me know how to connect BLE with the XMOS?


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