Arm Choice

Ok guys im glad i finally made a order from Mouser today.. I ordered a few LPC2103 in LQFP48 package. This way i can solder by hand easy since it has a 0.5mm pitch.

I also ordered the parts to make my own programmer and some blank PCBs. Also some drill bits for drilling the holes for most my components. I use a 1/32″ drill bit. Which is perfect. I think there made for PCBs heh. Works great on headers and IC pins and stuff like that size.

Now im off to make a PCB in eagle as my dev board for the ARM uC. It will be double sided just to make bringing all the pins out simple. I plan to have every pin on this uC available in female header form.  Just like my other PIC dev board. Hope you all will enjoy the files i post and images when done.

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