FM Module alive!!!

so happy its back to life!!! Pictures of it working and the repaired part.


About atomsoft

Starting a small company. Trying to build it from ground up. Only 2 employees so far. Nothing serious yet but soon!

12 responses to “FM Module alive!!!”

  1. pasanlaksiri says :

    Wow man, Im soo happy you fixed it. Hey how actually that REGULATOR stopped working ?

    • atomsoft says :

      Im not sure but it was over heating. maybe bad pinout or bad part. A one in a million type thing. I made a rev 2 of the board. When i get more PCBs ill make a rev 3. Heh

  2. nsmvgpdf says :

    lol nice, and what is that usb?

  3. pasanlaksiri says :

    Sure, I’ll send you another two.

  4. Buddhi says :

    Hi Atomsoft,

    I too got a same board and fixed. Once I powerd up I saw somke is coming out from a small part on the board. So I lost my hopes on it. Later once I have checked my powerpack is not in the standered way. I has interchanged positive and negative.

    And sametime I came to BLOG and saw that you hvae fixed it, so I followed same way reverse the power lines..

    Wow … it was working…

    Thanks dear…. It was so helpful for me….

    – Buddhi –

  5. pasanlaksiri says :

    Ha haa. You both done the same mistake then. SHORT CIRCUIT 😀

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