Some Bad LCDs

Was trying to get these lcds working but found out all 3 are bad. I bought them off ebay. In order to see anything i have to bend the flex cable into a “S” shape. And thats only for 1 lcd the others dont work at all! this sucks honestly.

I wrote to the ebay guy and lets see what he has to say. This is my second order. I first bought 1 then it didnt work so i told him and i bought 1 more and he sent me out 2 instead 1 as a replacement. Thanks for that. but only 1 out of the 3 “KIND OF” works. Which still means i lost about $20. Its not a lot but it counts.

I just ordered 3 lcds from china. hopefully they will be good. I paid $20 for 3. Which is a great price, they are also 1.8″ just like these.

These are the LCDs in the video and this is the supplier i bought it from:

1.8″ Color TFT-LCD Display


UPDATE: I got in contact with that eBay store owner and he agreed with no problem to replace my LCDs. This is what i like. People who dont mind helping a customer. I would buy from him again.  He has tons of items for sale.


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3 responses to “Some Bad LCDs”

  1. Cesar says :

    ooo it’s sucks when you buy electronic components that dosn’t works.

    ¿From what company do you buy in china?

  2. Cesar says :

    thanks for the info

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