LPC210x ADC Quick Setup

Im currently making a ADC app in C# 2010 (express) for creating quick code to setup the ADC of the LPC210x Family. I have hand made code working great so i assume i understand it enough to make this app. Stay tuned here for a update!

Update: Its done!!! hope you all like it.


Update: 11/14/10
Forgot to upload newer version … the link above has been replaced with a new version where the missing semi-colon is fixed.
Thanks Jay for the tip

Update: 12/23/10
Thanks for telling me about the bug Cesar Reyes I just fixed it and updated the above link.
Try it out and tell me if you find any other bugs 😀

Cesar Reyes

About atomsoft

Starting a small company. Trying to build it from ground up. Only 2 employees so far. Nothing serious yet but soon!

6 responses to “LPC210x ADC Quick Setup”

  1. Jay says :


    Just letting you know how much I appreciate your tools. I put the LPC210x ADC config tool to good use. One small comment. Several lines in the int GetADC subrouting need a “;”.

    Thanks and keep up the great work.


  2. Cesar Reyes says :

    It seems to me that the CLKDIV value is generated wrong in your program.

    When the divider is X, the value in the CLKDIV should be (X-1), this is what the data sheet says.
    For example, my divider is 14, but I enter D (13), but your program outputs E in the CLKDIV field.

    Besides that, your program is freaking awesome! It helps so much! I’m looking to develop stuff like yours on the Mac (once I find out how to set up eclipse with the GDB Server on my Mac).

    Thanks again!!!! Your ADC and UART Programs Rock! Got any other ones?

    • atomsoft says :

      Thanks! Ill check it out in a minute. Im actually about to write one for I2C and SPI soon! but need some ICs to test it on.

      Ill most likely write one for each module on this MCU heh…

      Makes my work easier… In the end ill see if i make a complete program to setup any module needed. Im sure a whole bunch of people will find it useful.

      Thanks again and ill fix that issue ASAP…

    • atomsoft says :

      Ok i see where it says …

      “The APB clock (PCLK) is divided by (this value plus one) to produce the clock for the
      A/D converter,”…

      So it ADDs 1 to it. So i should -1. Ill be sure to update the code and post the new file here as a update…

      Thanks again

  3. anis says :

    Unfortunately i wasn’t able to read from AD0.0 , AD0.6 and AD0.7 of the LPC2103.
    I changed my micro but no change occured. I successfully read from other channels.
    could you please help me?

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