3D Movement Using Accelerometer

Hey everyone, in a recent post i showed you my accelerometer code i have and a demo… i got so bored i figured id learn some 3D programming to use with this…

The easiest way i found was to use a 3D Engine that was premade and FREE!!! heh i stumbled across Panda3D from google…

Its a great tool but no good tutorials really… Also it was mainly for Python which is a programming language mainly for linux…

Ok i found out they also have a windows version …

Now my goal was to use this 3D engine which would involve me learning Python…

I installed python and Panda3D then PySerial which is a serial module for python. Then i had to learn how to intertwine all of these… Here is my script. Its no way a professional thing but it works.


About atomsoft

Starting a small company. Trying to build it from ground up. Only 2 employees so far. Nothing serious yet but soon!

29 responses to “3D Movement Using Accelerometer”

  1. futz says :

    Python is not just for Linux users. Plenty of Windoze users and other people program in Python.

    It’s trivially easy to learn anyway. You already know most of it, since it’s so C-like (all high level languages these days are). The only trick to Python is that proper indentation is part of the syntax – it doesn’t allow sloppiness.

    Once you know Python you pretty much know Ruby as well – they’re real similar.

  2. futz says :

    So Jason… When are you going to build that balancing robot? All you need now is a gyro, motor controller and motors/wheels.

    I gave up temporarily – math was too much for my little brain. 😀

  3. atomsoft says :

    Hey futz i know very little about gyros… is ±150°/sec better than ±100°/sec

  4. atomsoft says :

    Hey Sparkfun has the LPR530AL, i can simply copy there schematic to use it heh
    and only cost me $7+s/h since i have the boards and toner heh…


  5. atomsoft says :

    i got the wheel one it was in spam since it had so many links heh

  6. atomsoft says :

    Awesome links!!

    OK quick question… which is best to use..for the movement of robot? stepper or DC motor?

    I was thinking about making a walking robot.. would be fun. I think i would only need servos then if i do correct?

  7. Hassan Asad says :

    Man, is there something you cannot do 😀

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