Some News!

Ok first things first. One of the 3 Sparkfun orders came in today.

This included the Bluetooth Module, Resonators and the Capacitive Touch Sensing ICs

Cant wait to play with them all…

On the 2nd part of the News… My Toner Transfer method is failing with the Toner Refill im using. So since i have everything i need for Photo PCB creation. I will be making PCBs using the photo etch method.

Hopefully only until i can afford some new toner. Which cost a minimum of $52

I own a HP1006 Laser Printer. The cheap refill cost me about $10 while original toner is $50+ so you can see why i use REFILLS…

But i do plan on having 2 seperate cartridges one with CHEAP TONER REFILL and the other ORIGINAL OEM toner.

So i can print normal pages (documents) with refill toner and print my projects with Original toner.

Im making a Photo PCB right now. I have about 10-15min to expose it so wish me luck!


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Starting a small company. Trying to build it from ground up. Only 2 employees so far. Nothing serious yet but soon!

14 responses to “Some News!”

  1. Roy says :

    I’ll be glad if you could post some notes on using the sparkfun BT module. I’m planning to buy this also, and looking forward to see how you’ll deal with that.

    • atomsoft says :

      Hey Roy, I havent had much time to play with it but one thing i can say is you definitely need a breakout board or at least have a design in mind.

      I made my Own breakout but i need solder paste to solder it. I dont want to mess up so im waiting for some paste in the mail to continue with this project. The $15 isnt much but is a more than i can spare for a new module.

      As soon as i get the paste ill start it up and will post all the info i can.

      • Roy says :

        sure thing.
        I, too, have a project in mind, and was looking for a few months for a cheap BT solution. Then I found this module (and – your site :o))).
        So it will be very helpfull for me also to see how you will get along with that. I couldn’t learn alot from what they’ve published in their site (sparkfun).
        Looking forward for some updates on that issue!

        • atomsoft says :

          Hey Roy, Sorry for the delay in me working on this … i found out my stuff should be here on Monday Jan, 31. So i will get working on it ASAP.

          Thanks for waiting and i hope to help you out real soon…

          What micro controller do you use? I use ARM and PIC…

          I ask mainly so i can base my first test on it so i can help you out faster.

  2. Roy says :

    I’m working on a altera FPGA (Cyclone ii). soryy to dissapoint you… :p)
    btw, why do you need 2 controllers? Don’t one usually need to work on one?

    • atomsoft says :

      Cool, FPGAs are interesting… I dont. I just stated what i can program for. Heh…

      I can program ARM and PIC devices. Also AVR but i havent got a AVR to test with…

      I asked so i can either use a ARM if you used ARM so you can catch on faster. Or a PIC if you used PIC.

      FPGA is totally different correct? Got a cool links for FPGA info?

  3. pasanlaksiri says :

    Yes Jason. Re-Filled toners are very bad for PCB printing stuff. Normally yeah it cost like 50USD. But Jason don’t you think photo pcbs are cost more than that. I mean from one toner you could print many pcbs.

    • atomsoft says :

      The cost isnt much different. I buy PCBs for both no matter what.

      The Photo Resist i buy is one you LAMINATE onto the PCB so no spray is needed. You can even apply it wet then bake it for 15 minutes if you dont have a laminator. Also its cheap. I buy a 20ft Roll for like $15 i think. I have not bought in over a year heh… i still have a roll..

      I can make many PCBs with a roll of resist. The Developer was $10 for a ton! i mean a lot!! I have enough to do about 1000 boards here already..

  4. pasanlaksiri says :

    Waaah really. Thats pretty coool. Could you publish a post about how it goes. He hee.

  5. Roy says :

    can you please explain to me how do I control this module?
    I’ve read the data sheet. Saw there’s a few options controlling it (SPI,USB or UART), but other than that, there’s no more exaplanations on the protocol. I.e., SPI usually comes with an thourough explanations on timing issues (CS, etc.).
    There’s just the pinout and that’s it…
    Another question is how do one uses the SPP AT Command sets pdf file?
    I saw it goes from A to Z and it all configurations commands for using it, but where do you write it to?
    how do you actually use it?

    • atomsoft says :

      It does not take SPI…

      The interface is : USB, UART, and PCM (requires voice CODEC)

      USB is built in so plug and play i assume. The UART info is available in PDF. PCM is a whole other story heh… UART is the way to go.

      with UART it takes TEXT or ASCII strings like a character LCD i would assume .

      Like to set the name of the module you send a command N=xxxxx the name can be 16 characters long like if i name my module AtomBT i would send through UART


      without the quotes of course….

      Get it?

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