New MCU to play with

Hey everyone i was looking into LCDs and found most either need more pins or more memory and some multi-tasking to get good picture or video on them.

So me being lazy as usual am looking into playing with some new MCUs.

In particular these 2:

Propeller (Parallax)

They both offer 8 threads(cogs in propeller) and run reasonably fast. The XMOS seems faster since you can obtain a 4 core device and run upto 32 threads at once. But the programming requires a XTAG (1 or 2) and depending on the actual XMOS you buy you might need both.

Now on the other hand the Propeller isnt as fast but 8 threads are nice and to program all you need is a USB to Serial converter which i have a bunch of.

I have been reading documentation about the propeller chip and it seems very interesting. especially the ability to share ALL PINS and MAIN MEMORY also they have there own COG(thread) memory for each processor.

The XMOS from what i can see you cannot simply share memory as the propeller but you have channels you can use. But your limited to those as well.

I guess ill have to write up a better summary for this or just get both of them and play around and see which i prefer.

To this day i have played around with :

PIC (8bit,16bit) (ASM,C)
AVR (8bit)(C)
ST (8bit)(C)
ARM (32bit)(C)

So adding 2 more to the list wont hurt i suppose. In a month or 2 hopefully i will have both of them in my possession and will be able to write a good review of them or perhaps give my thoughts on all the micros i touched heh 😀

Till then feel free to share your thoughts and post a comment. Thanks for reading and visiting the site!

Im also thinking about testing out the PIC32. I have a feeling it might be useful also. But i think i would need the new PICKIT 3. But i hear that the PIC32 have USB HOST and all! which is nice… i wonder how hard would it be to make code for devices?

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