2.8″ LCD trouble

Ok this is driving me nuts. I have been trying all day to get anything on these LCDs. Any color… anything!

Ok my issue is this, i downloaded the example code which is intended for a ARM processor. I converted it for my PIC18F4620.

The issue with converting it is, it was made for a 16bit interface and i have no clue on how to make it 8bit. I know from the datasheet there are 2 major pins.

IM0 and IM3, it states:

So i have IM0 to VCC and IM3 to GND for 8bit mode.

Issue 2, in the datasheet i would expect to see examples on how to transfer data in 8bit mode… or well every mode, but ah nothing is there.

So i have no clue if im even toggling the data correctly.

This is original code for 16bit data transfer:

void wr_cmd(u16 cmd)

This is my code:

void wr_cmd(unsigned int cmd)
RS = 0; //Same as A0

TFT_DATA = ((cmd>>8)&0xFF);

TFT_DATA = (cmd&0xFF);


I am assuming that toggling the WR pin is how we send 2 bytes of data to represent 1 word.
But the LCD doesnt seem to do anything.

Can anyone help me out?

Complete code so far: http://www.filedropper.com/28lcd


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