2.8 LCD retry … YES!

Ok just made a new board. This board breaks out everything except extra VCC, GND and Backlight. So i save like 7+ pins

I have a crazy feeling these eBay people sent me a 16bit version only and IM0, IM3 is actually N.C. pins (no connect).

If that is the case i will be kind of mad since the main reason for these lcds was the attractive 8bit parallel interface.

So now that i have the complete breakout i will try to control via 16bit parallel bus using the same PIC18F4620… i have to mention im using the LF version of this PIC. (PIC18LF4620)

Here are a couple of images just to get the brain working on what i have to accomplish here heh…

Wish me luck!

Just as i thought… so far it works perfect in 16bit mode, am i going crazy? Doubtful, now i have to double check this 8bit mode with same PCB and minor code adjustments. If it doesnt work im going to ask the eBay store to either replace them, or send me another for there mistake. I think i deserve something for them screwing up if it doesnt work of course…

Im hoping it will work fine and perhaps it was a PCB issue? I HOPE!

Here is a video of it:


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