Touch Screen

Update: Battery Powered!!!

Heh just got the touch screen going using 4 pic pins and the ADC… way easier than that retarted IC AR1020 from microchip. Even tho it takes some CPU time im sure i can recreate it on a small pic and use UART to communicate to it or something so i can scan and generate interrupts like my own Touch sceren IC..

Here is a video.

Making a dog pee (LOL)


About atomsoft

Starting a small company. Trying to build it from ground up. Only 2 employees so far. Nothing serious yet but soon!

6 responses to “Touch Screen”

  1. Richard says :

    Hey Jason! Looks very cool. I see many wires coming from the pic. Only 4 being used?

    • atomsoft says :

      Hey Richard, the LCD itself uses a ton of wires. Like 21, heh but the touch screen uses only 4…

      The totals setup for LCD with touch screen is 25 wires heh.. its crazy i know. I guess i should really get one of those 100 pin micros heh.. like a ARM or something… i was thinking about getting a 3.5″ LCD and using a XMOS processor to control it heh… would be so cool!

  2. pasanlaksiri says :

    Wooooh. Atoms Touch Screens. Wow wow super cool.

  3. blackrynius says :

    Neat, I just got mine going too.

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