LPCXpresso Problem! (FIXED)

Ok i ran into a scary problem from the beginning. Im trying to follow the quick start pdf but there seems to be a problem. They didnt account for MCU changes and Updates in code i guess. To get the Blinky code working i had to import 3 “projects” not 2:

Ok next thing is they assume you are using the LPC1114/301 which my board came with a LPC1114/302… so you have to change that also!

Right click on blinky project like so and click properties:

Once you do that select new MCU and press ok… now you can DEBUG!!! YAY!

Works well so far. I hope importing so much stuff isnt how this bad boy works!
I plan to try and trim this 3 imports crap to just 1… lets see how that goes….


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