LPCXpresso character lcd

Got working on this xpresso today,  a good friend of mines [Futz] kindly shared a few PCBs with me. This is one of them. It is a character LCD PCB which basically hold all the stuff needed to convert a character lcd into 2 wire mode. You can find more info about that on his site.

This PCB, if i had to sum it up in one word… AWESOME!

Not only is it beautiful and form fitting, it works great and saves me precious I/O pins.

Enough of me ranting… here is a video… i have to work out some delay kinks but it works!



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2 thoughts on “LPCXpresso character lcd

  1. Hello!

    I just got one of these boards from nxp this week, and i’m having trouble with the char lcd..I’m more of a fpga guy, and never played with uCs with more than 8bits =D
    I can get chars printed, but not the right ones and in wrong position.. i believe it’s something related to delays…
    can you share your code? i want to know what i’m doing wrong here, but there’s no much places to look..

    thanks a lot in advance

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