STM8 Running!

Ok i got it working now. I had to look around and found out that its auto HSI which is High Speed Internal @ 16MHz… now to have fun i just blinked some leds to learn how to set the direction and port latches. Now i want to make sure the clock is correct so i will read up on the clock registers available. Then ill control a Character LCD then a Color LCD… just to test it..



About atomsoft

Starting a small company. Trying to build it from ground up. Only 2 employees so far. Nothing serious yet but soon!

4 responses to “STM8 Running!”

  1. Ingenieria Electronica says :

    Spectacular PCB!!!!!


  2. Hs says :

    Hey Jason can you please write down some code to test Ethernet capabilities of PIC microcontrollers.

    It uses multitasking OS which is a pain in the head,

    • atomsoft says :

      heh there are so many parts for ethernet.. can you be more specific? if i can get my hands on one perhaps i can play with it and post some cool stuff.

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