Being Dumb is easy

i have to admit sometimes i can be a plain idiot! I was planning on playing with the STM32F4-Discovery some more today and wired something up. I saw some magic smoke!

I quickly unplugged the power to test and see where and what blew and how. I made the IDIOTIC mistake of crossing power rails. So i went in with my trusty multimeter found nothing wrong again. So i thought i ruined it might as well plug it back to see if i can see what got fried by frying it some more 🙂

NO LIGHTS! Not even a power light! You might have got worried here but think about it… NO POWER LIGHT means something wrong with power portion. So i went in deeper and found out i BLEW the D1 which is a BAT60JFILM (DIODE SCHOTTKY 10V 3A), since i knew its a diode just to protect the PC from outside power, i remove it and simply bridged it. Tested it and it works fine!

Now this isnt a FULL FIX, i will order replacement diodes from Mouser @ $0.12 each. I decided to order 10. Just in case. When it arrives ill solder it in and test it.

This goes to show you, experience doesn’t mean mistakes wont happen. And anyone can be a idiot. 🙂


About atomsoft

Starting a small company. Trying to build it from ground up. Only 2 employees so far. Nothing serious yet but soon!

2 responses to “Being Dumb is easy”

  1. Diecore says :


    You should make a small mod and use a fuse to protect the board.

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