Thoughts of PSP

Ok i was thinking about this PSP LCD project and dont worry its still on. But i though why not make a simple breakout for both the PSP LCD and SSD1963 before i go messing something up or making a final PCB which will cost way more $$$… so …. so far i came up with:

This board is cool since it can be used in 2 ways…

1) To breakout the connector for the PSP LCD and Backlight
2) To breakout my controller board for using other LCD (not psp type)

Im also going to breakout the SSD1963 then after testing the breakouts with different wiring ill create a single solution PCB which the above breakout can still be used on 🙂

Doing this on separate boards allows me to remove some wiring to test whether certain things are needed. Also the SSD Breakout will allow me to test different crystal speeds and see what performance i can achieve. Dont worry ill document the testing process thoroughly and might even create a PDF of this entire process for others to learn from. Also i would need to make some sample code for PIC and ARM for me and of course anyone else who wants it.

Bare with me. Im not rich and testing cost $$$ if you want to help speed up the process DONATE… i accept donations via Paypal..

Or if you have spare parts that i can use… (i have about 8 FPC 40 pin connectors), i need to order 4pin FPC Connectors for backlight. Also i need to order the actual SSD1963 then some of the special resistors for boost converter. Also i need to order PCBs for the test. Then the final. So I expect to spend about $100 on 1 working board… after that im sure i can re-create the final board for about $20-$30 so i can sell it for $25-$35

The final board will also have a Touch Screen Controller build in… (Resistive Type 4 wire)  Im sure i can make 1 version and just omit some parts like the touch controller for those who dont need it or have parts on hand and want to save money.

I know asking for donations sucks but to be honest my online store barely has any customers and i might even close it down and just sell off my blog or something. Or through someone else like sparkfun or seeedstudio…

Side Note: I wish i hit the lotto and won 10 million lol i would buy about 1-2 million worth of parts and sell them at rediculously low prices just to help out everyone out there who cant afford to get what they need 🙂 just imagine i buy 100 Logic Analyzers @ $150 each and sold them for $75 i am only loosing out on $7,500 which isnt bad since i saved 100 people $75 each… its just a dream i have… heh

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