Post Office ARG!

Yeah yet again i have to wait for another day for another package. I dont know whats going on at this post office but im about to rent a PO BOX at some other facility and have all my mail packages go there. Im getting truely tired of the support and laziness of this post office. Some of the workers there know me already… BY NAME… Its crazy…. when i called them today they ask for my name i told them .. Jason Lopez… the lady on the line said… THE (THEE) Jason Lopez…

Like i was special or known already to all… like i was the talk of the post office. Probably because i complain a ton. But i think i have a right to do so. If i pay $6 for shipping and its supposed to be here TODAY and they claim to have tried delivering it … even says a notice was left BULLSHI* ,

The only info i have is from getting a tracking number from where ever i order. I try my BEST to use UPS since the UPS guy is cool! He loves his job and does it great! Never had 1 problem with them…

But UPS cost more… sometimes i just dont have enough or the person/business shipping to me doesnt offer the service.

Anyway… I had a cool project i wanted to show but cant because the package is delayed…. Also I have a ton of cabinets i have to fix in my house and then my Daughters 1st birthday is on Saturday… TODAY is the only day i had free before next week… but no… stupid post office!


READ THE REVIEWS… it seems its not only me… Yet nothing gets done about the problem… Then when people start going crazy in the post office they get blamed… A murderer 9 out of 10 times is not born that way but he is created… Im not saying oh im going to do anything bad… and im not condoning or asking for something bad to happen in there but… it seems like something bad always has to happen before its fixed or gets changed…

For example: About a week ago a COP got shot a block away from my building (hes doing ok i hear) but before that this neighborhood was the same anyway.. always shootings and crap…

But now since it was a COP who got shot… there are at least 100 cops patrolling all around the neighborhood (not at the same time of course) but you see what i mean… its a bit safer now… but look at what had to happen… was it worth it? I dont think so!

Let me stop ranting … Sorry for the delay and thanks to all readers!


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Starting a small company. Trying to build it from ground up. Only 2 employees so far. Nothing serious yet but soon!

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