SSD1963 Delay…

Ok guys… GOOD and BAD news… i like saying the bad first because then the good picks me up…

BAD -> This project will be delayed 2 months…The delay is due to funding
GOOD -> In 2 months ill have enough funding to buy a bunch of the chips and boards and have some made and for sale. Also It gives me time to read and learn more and you can bet the more i know the more you will know.


About atomsoft

Starting a small company. Trying to build it from ground up. Only 2 employees so far. Nothing serious yet but soon!

One response to “SSD1963 Delay…”

  1. Jakub says :

    I’d recommend getting those IC’s from techtoys ( – cheapest source I found. If You lack funds, try running a pre-order – some people will pay in advance if it speeds up the development. I would if I haven’t already bought the IC’s.

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