SSD1963.. dev…

Just because the actual creation of hardware is on hold doesnt mean development is… Here is the latest REVISION of my SSD1963 breakout… this breaks out EVERYTHING you will ever need… except the 8080 MCU choice… i assume and guess its the most popular or well only used type in these times.

The image below is HUGE.. While when this is done ill post a PCB file or perhaps some gerbers i will not post the actual SCH file since it took me so long to do.. if i can sell 2-4 of these then i will release the file… but i will release the SCH image and stuff like that but no EAGLE files (eagle 6.1.0 is what i used)… So be aware of that.

This PCB passes LAENs PCB service DRC (Design Rule Check)… So so far so good. I need to make the rest of the silk screen then double check stuff but its worth it… this breakout will let you get FULL use of this IC… so if you still want 8 bit, 16 bit or 24bit control… you got it… crystal will be swapable…and has jumpers for different types of oscillator setups…

Also added the VARIABLE output BOOST converter! This board will be a BASE or MOTHERBOARD for other LCD adapters… so you can plug and play to test and stuff. Then you can use my schematic to design your own custom board with LCD carrier and only the pins and setup you need.


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