Reverse Engineering a 8 INCH LCD Part 2

After careful study of the LCD ribbon cable traces I think i know whats what. But right now i have no means of controlling this big guy. So im ordering a couple S1D13517 and some ram for it… i might use ram off a memory cards i have around tho… save some money.

“The S1D13517 is a color LCD graphics controller which uses an external SDRAM display buffer. The S1D13517
supports an 8/16-bit indirect host interface while providing high performance bandwidth to external SDRAM,
allowing for fast screen updates.
The S1D13517 supports displays up to 960×540 (QHD) @ 24 bpp or 800×600 (SVGA)@ 24bpp, controlling a main
the window and up to two Picture-in-Picture windows. Additionally, the S1D13517 is designed with a 2D Graphics
Engine with Alpha Blending. The S1D13517 uses a double-buffer architecture to prevent any visual tearing during
streaming video screen updates.”

I know for sure this is a 800×600 Pixel LCD and it looks like 8:8:8 RGB interface. I have a datasheet for a similar LCD and will try to see if i can use it to get this one running. I have like 5 of these lcds in stock and if i get them working they will be for sale asap.  I plan to order about 100 of these…There will be 2 different prices for these one ONLY LCD and the other with controller board , which will feature the S1D13517 IC. So you will be able to use with PIC, AVR, etc…

So wish me luck!

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Starting a small company. Trying to build it from ground up. Only 2 employees so far. Nothing serious yet but soon!

2 thoughts on “Reverse Engineering a 8 INCH LCD Part 2

  1. Simple question
    I have nice AMOLED screen (still working out pins, but it’s 800×480 )
    which controller will give better performance in refresh and give more pleasing visual performance ?
    SSD1963 or S1D13517 ?

    1. The S1D13517 is great for large LCDs like 4.3″ and up.
      The SSD1963 is more for 4.3″ and down sized lcds. In my opinion.

      The S1D13517 also uses external RAM… im planing to use 128Mb which is 16MB

      So it can double buffer the lcd… which is awesome.

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