LCD Dev Board on the way!

Ok i know i put the SSD1963 on delay but that was because i have more pressing matters which include making a LCD controller for some 8 inch LCDs i have.

The funny thing is i can also use the PSP LCD on this new board. I already created the PCB & Schematic for :

1) Main LCD Controller
2) MCU Controller for #1
3) PSP LCD Carrier PCB.

Here are images … these are on the way soon. Instead of a SSD1962 i opted to use a S1D13517 since its easier to get a hold of and is about $8 which isnt too bad.

Its made by Epson. It has tons of cool features and isnt too hard to work with i assume. I have enough parts on hand to fill 2 PCBs. So you can expect at least 1 in the store real soon!

Schematics will be up soon as well. Im just so tired and lazy to open each and export a image šŸ™‚ I will not be posting board files or images of the BRDs. This is mainly because while i like open source and done mind sharing… i put too much work into hand routing this sucker to give away my skills. But to everyone who purchases a board i dont mind sending a email with the BRD and SCH file since they are paying and stuff.

Ok Just got un-lazy šŸ™‚ I updated the above with Schematic Images.

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