Hey everyone, I should be getting a new motherboard in the mail tomorrow. Been having trouble with mines. USB Issues and Video Issues. I also got a new Radeon HD 4500 video card to go with it. Hopefully ill be able to get more work done with the fixes.

So with that said tomorrow ill be down most of the day since i most likely have to reinstall windows and all software. Which you may think should be quick but i use about 30-40 different programs easily! So imagine installing all of that plus windows updates and .Net stuff… ah going to be a boring day.


Found a nice tip on upgrading a motherboard while keeping all files and such:


To sum it down:

Insert the Windows CD and restart the PC.
Choose the ‘press enter to set up Windows XP now’ option.
Press F8 to skip through the EULA.
Now press R to begin a repair installation.
Your system will go through the entire XP install process, but will not attempt to replace any of your existing data. It will simply reinstall the system files and redetect all hardware.

Of course i use windows 7 but im sure the options would be similar. 🙂


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