AtomCNC Rev 1


Testing and so far so good!


About atomsoft

Starting a small company. Trying to build it from ground up. Only 2 employees so far. Nothing serious yet but soon!

5 responses to “AtomCNC Rev 1”

  1. Anthony Anguiano says :

    Hey Jason. Great work. I recently purchased this controller from someone who got it from you. Long story short, I’m having issues getting it to run. I’d like to use my mac book pro, which has parallels installed, so either mac or windows should work. I have installed Zapmaker Grbl Controller 3.4.6 for mac and it’s not recognizing the controller when i try to select the port. Do I have to install any drivers? Or am i missing something else?

    Here’s a list of the hardware that I have:
    (I’m new to this, so I might be missing something pretty obvious)

    ShapeOko desktop Cnc
    MeanWells S-100F-24 power AC to DC converter
    AtomCNC controller

    Any help would be much appreciated.



  2. Anthony Anguiano says :

    Drivers installed! 🙂 Ok, so I got it to work uploading different peoples HEX files and using the GRBL controller. (I’m using windows now). But What I’m more interested in, is getting it to run through the Arduino environment. I have downloaded Arduino, but how do I control the CNC through that? The Other HEX files these people have don’t lock the motors during a job. I noticed that yours lock and wanted to do it through arduino. When I uploaded your HEX file and used the GRBL controller, the stepper motors got all shaky and the movements got shorter and shorter. Also, the stepper motors sounded like they were echoing as the shaking got louder with each shake. I think it’s because I had the motors locked. When i Unlocked them it seemed to work. Now, I went back to the HEX file that the GRBL controller recommended and when I reduce the speed of the job, and it gets shaky. I’m Just trying to find the right set up so i can finally cut something haha.

    Again I appreciate the help!

    I’m in school for mechanical engineering and this CNC would help me out a lot with some of my projects.

    Thanks again,


  3. atomsoft says :

    I only did the hardware. For the software part you have to refer to GRBL. You can not use the Arduino environment to control the CNC only program its firmware. You can use the GRBL application to change setting which are on the controller (hardware-AtomCNC)

  4. Anthony Anguiano says :

    oh! so the AtomCNC is universal? Is it just like having an aduino and the drivers just all in one? What software did you use to make your HEX file work properly?

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