AtomCNCn3D Fund

Help me create a modular CNC/3D Printing control system.

The details:

1) Stepper Controller Module
Will be based on the A4989 controller and be able to control up to 40v @ 15A
Will be easy to connect to main module via 5 pin header (2 Power, 3 Control)
Might also decide to have the Microstepping pins brought out.
External Power up to 40v via Terminal connections

2) Main Module
The main module will be the brain so to speak. Utilizing a ATMEGA2561 most likely. If not the ATMEGA1281. This will not only boost memory and speed over the original ATMEGA328 but also the pin count. Having a larger pin count will allow for more peripherals. Also the main module will include a nice small LCD and buttons for new features. Some of the features are… MANUAL/SD CARD/PC control switching. Setting the MicroStepping if i decide to break them out. And various other settings and information.

5 axis ready
limit switches ready
homing switches ready
extruder/rotary tool control

OPEN SOFTWARE/HARDWARE… schematics & source will be released.
more to come!

3) Misc Modules
This would include things like… Serial to DB9 for older PCs, Control Modules for manual control of the motors. And other cool things to come.

Reasons to purchase this item:
1) Help me actually get the parts for physical testing.
2a) For up to $49 get a HUGE thanks and forever known as a awesome helper to the cause!
2b) For $50 or more donation…Get a nice face value discount on the actual board.
2c) For $100 or more donation… Get the face value with free shipping! And a gift… (random)


About atomsoft

Starting a small company. Trying to build it from ground up. Only 2 employees so far. Nothing serious yet but soon!

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