FT800 Developement

I have had these ICs for a little while now and am not sure why its not working. Im starting to think its a hardware issue but im not sure.

Using the STM32F4 board i made, i have written code and using my logic analyzer, i can see the SPI is working perfect and the data is being sent.

1) Im not sure if the output from the FT800 is a push/pull or open drain. I have tried with resistors and still no luck.

2) Writing the init sequence was easy and seems to work but when reading the REG ID… i get either 0x00 or with resistors 0xFF

3) Nothing shows on screen.

Now if i can figure the first 2 out then 3 should work fine. Im posting my code for all but be aware its not working.. but since i think its a hardware issue, others might find it useful and get it working with it.

The code is commented nicely and should be easy to follow, if not just ask and if i have time i will respond.

The schematic will be uploading in the afternoon today, mainly because its late and im on my laptop… the code is here but the schematics is on my PC. If someone finds something wrong besides resistors needing to be placed on SPI lines then please tell me asap.

All code was created and compiled in Crossworks for ARM, im sure its portable but thats your problem.




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