LCD stuff

Ok ive redesigned some PCBs and got them ordered, also a new boost board based on the MC34063A for lcd, i like it since its simple and can be adjusted easily.

The new PCBs will use the same FT800Q IC but with no onboard boost and pull-up resistors on the data lines to the mcu. also edited the actual part in eagle so its a better solder match. The EP (Exposed Pad) will be gnd’ed as usual but this time with holes to keep cool. (never got hot before but heh… you never know)

I might also try it on a arduino first since there is a nice SPI lib already made and tested to work.

While FTDI includes code for this already i find it to be a mess and over complicated. Why have set of code for so many processors. It just makes things unreadable. I plan to either rewrite it from scratch or use there code and try to erase anything NON arduino based. As to clear up whats going on.

If anyone has any thoughts or comments feel free to leave one below or email me anytime… or

Thanks for reading! 🙂


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