XK-1A Development Kit

It has been a few years since i talked about XMOS and i finally decided to order one. I ordered the XK-1A Development Kit.

The XK-1A is a low cost development board for exploring multicore micro controller designs based on the XS1-L8-64 multicore microcontroller. Multiple XK-1A boards can be linked together in a chain and two I/O expansion areas are provided for connecting additional components to the XK-1A. Design files for example add-on boards are available, including an SD card reader, a Bluetooth adapter and a Control Card.

The XK-1A is available as a kit with an xTAG-2 debug adapter that can be connected to the XK-1A to provide a JTAG interface to the board from a PC, or as an individual board if you want to chain multiple XK-1As together (one xTAG-2 can be used for several boards).


Single XS1-L8-64 device
400 MIPS
8 cores
8KB OTP memory
Four user-configurable LEDs and two push-button switches
Two 20-way XSYS connectors for xTAG-2 debug adapter and additional XK-1As
Two 16-way IDC headers for connecting additional components
24 I/O user expansion
The XK-1A can be powered directly from the xTAG-2 connector or from an external 5V power supply.

That was taken from the XMOS site. I have no EXACT projects in mind for it but for a 8 core MCU it will be so fun to tinker with.

I do plan on getting some bare MCUs and making my own development pcbs. I had to cut out this image from the PDF of the XK-1A for me to print clearly. Its the schematics.

I should have this in this week (Wednesday) or at least i hope Fedex works on time 🙂

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