PCB Creation Idea

Just had an awesome idea for creating double sided pcbs. The idea is simple and should work. Remember this is just a thought. Since one of the main problems of double sided pcbs at home is the LINE UP … why not create 2 pcbs on single sided boards and line them up after drilling?

Its easy enough to get some 0.5mm pcb blanks and some 3m double sided tape like those used on cell phones. (like iphones) A normal pcb (from osh park) is 1.5mm so using this method you can get about 1.3-1.5mm boards based on tape thickness. perfectly lined up each time with some isolation between boards 🙂

Im planing on trying it out in a couple weeks. (waiting for pcbs in mail) If you can do it at home tell me how it goes.


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Starting a small company. Trying to build it from ground up. Only 2 employees so far. Nothing serious yet but soon!

2 responses to “PCB Creation Idea”

  1. Jeremy Grotte says :

    I’ve tried something similar to that. Made 2 PCBs, both of them double-sided, but components only loaded on one side (top of one, bottom of the other). Build up both PCBs, load the components, etc. When designing the board, rig up an interconnect header that goes between the boards. Put some insulating paper between the boards (prevent vias from shorting out). Slap the boards together, solder in the interconnect, done. Don’t have any pictures for you. Worked though. Made everything about half the size it would normally be. Almost like a 4 layer board made with 2 layer tech.

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