New Products/Boards

Got some boards coming in by this week. Should be available for sale this Sunday May 4th.

First up is the Basic IR Set, which is a simple quick use IR transmitter and receiver for fast prototyping.


Next up we have the MicroUSB Hero, which is a simple breakout of a MicroUSB connector with onboard 3.3v @ 500mA regulator. Breaks out 3.3v, 5v, D+, D- and ID . Also intended to make bread boarding a USB connection a snap!


And last but not least my best and favorite board to use. Now in revision 5.2. The Breadboard Buddy (R5.2). This one has it all. USB to UART ic (CP2102) MicroUSB Connector for that and power. Selectable power for each rail on your breadboard. Can power 3.3v or 5v @ 500mA. So one rail can be 5v and the other 3.3v or mix and match anyway you want. Also has a reset button with selectable 3.3v or 5v pullup! Broken out connections for CTS, DTR,TXD,RXD,RST right on the breadboard.

This makes prototyping simple and fun! Fits on a standard breadboard and makes your life easier.




I havent figured out exact pricing yet but as usual you can expect a fair price.


About atomsoft

Starting a small company. Trying to build it from ground up. Only 2 employees so far. Nothing serious yet but soon!

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