Arduino Libs

Today I will be attempting to create my own Arduino Library. The library name is AtomIR. Its a simple IR library which will be able to control my TV and CableBox. The whole point of the library is mainly to learn how to create one. Sharing code is what i do i ton of and the Arduino seems to be big now… well… a lot of progress has been made to run code on not only AVRs… I will be able to run this code on my Arduino, Fubarino and Nucleo… thats AVR, PIC32 and ARM!  So why not ?

Once complete and tested (verified working) i will post it. The cool thing is.. it seems simple. So adding to it should be simple also.

Yes, i know there are IR libraries out there… but to be honest… if i didnt make it i wont fully understand how it works and the code out there seems WAY TO COMPLEX for a simple IR sender..  I HATE OVERKILL! … a nice small lib with single functions is well enough.. For instance to send IR you would simply..

AtomIR myRem(4);  //IR LED ON PIN 4

And its just that simple… Would save me time and make it easy for me to move across my MCUs… I already have this code for XMOS… so no need to re-port 🙂




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Starting a small company. Trying to build it from ground up. Only 2 employees so far. Nothing serious yet but soon!

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