Breadboard Buddy Pro


Some Specs:

  • UART is CP2104
  • Regulator is SP6203 (500mA) 3.3v
  • 5v from USB
  • LEDs use 1k resistors so not to drain LIPO
  • MicroUSB Connector

The Uses

  • Program a breadboard-ed AVR/Arduino. (Arduino is basically a bootloader)
  • Program a breadboard-ed PIC. (with UART bootloader)
  • Program any MCU with a UART bootloader.
  • Communicate with an IC or MCU with UART.
  • Power your design with 2 separate rails. 3.3v and 5v
  • Built in Reset Button for resetting a MCU/IC. With Optional pullup to 3.3v or 5v
  • Built in Lipo Charge Circuit
  • Built in TX,RX leds
  • Both power rails have 1uf capacitors to help smooth them out.
  • DTR, CTS also available
  • Plugs right into your breadboard power rails and data rails.

Check it out:

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