3 thoughts on “AtomEVE available!

  1. Much more compact than FTDI’s credit-card sized evaluation board! My boss just receive a dozen or so of 4.5″, resistive touch LCD panels he ordered a few months ago for evaluation. Since then however, we were ordered to switch to capacitive touch panels! Freebies for the development team! Your AtomEVE fits the bill nicely for control. My plan is to port the driver I wrote for AVR32 to the Raspberry Pi and have some fun from there. Cheers!

  2. Ok, back to AtomEVE: I need a control panel for a neat VHF/UHF ham radio transceiver shield so I’ll use the AtomEVE + LCD/resistive touch screen to control it.

    I’d like to connect the AtomEVE module to an Arduino Uno via its TWI bus instead of using SPI – the GUI update rate doesn’t need to be super-fast so the 100 kbps TWI bit rate is acceptable.

    In order to enable TWI, all I need to do is to remove the solder blob on R3 pads then strap the FT800 MODE pin to 3.3V witn the now exposed pad, correct?

    I expect the FT800 TWI address to be 0x27 even if one of the three address select pins is left floating while the other two are held high with pull-up R. I think the floating pin might be pulled high through an FT800 internal resistance.

    Ah yes, SDA, SCL, PD# and IRQ# will need voltage level conversions from 5V to 3.3V. I have a module for that :-).

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