AtomSoftTech Part Collection

Okay so i decided to go ahead and show my crazy but useful and actually unorganized organization skills 🙂 Here is how everything looks untouched. (when i say everything, i mean the parts i sell or use to make PCBs to sell, no where near EVERYTHING)


Lets get into this now. All blue/clear bins except 3 are 6 3/8″ x 5″ x 2 3/4″. Small when you think about it but what they hold will amaze you.  Larger Blue/Clear bins are about the same Height/Width but double the length.

Inside the bins are a wealth of parts. Ill show a image and name it. I wont name each part because this isn’t inventory just a glimpse of my world.

IC’s 2 – Most of the ICs i do NOT use. Fun stuff none-the-less. 1

Wire Connectors – Everything i use for creating custom wiring to test/build/program


Inductors – Just that 🙂


Capacitors 2 = Barely used and mostly Aluminum SMT caps.



IC’s – Used Regularly  (Charge IC, USB2UART IC etc)


Capacitors – All regularly used caps 100nf , 1uf, 10nf, 20pf etc


MCUs – so many, ARM, AVR, CPLD, FPGA, PIC, SOC etc…


LEDs – Normal indication to IR transmitters and receivers.



Diodes – just about every kind11

Oscillators and Resonators –  from 32khz to 48MHz


OSH PCBs – Just about all the stuff i sell… minus some new pcbs 🙂

PCBs are all unsoldered. Using this system allows me to cancel out a PCB and not have wasted parts. Saves me tons of money and having to order parts a lot.


Resistors – just about any value here… (Not really but close enough lol)


Wifi and RF – NRF24L01 to ESP8266


Connectors – From Battery (lipo/coin) to USB & Probe connectors (A LOT)


Headers – Female and Male Single In Line style (more coming this week)


Headers – Right Angle Single in Line, Double row male/female , small pitch etc…


Unused header bits.. all types!


As you can see i have a ton of parts to sift through and surprisingly this is a organized system and i can find any part in a matter of seconds.

I would love to hear your thoughts on how i have this set up and any questions you may have :
I wish i had enough free time to empty bins and draws to show all the sweet stuff but the day has only 24 hours 🙂 Thanks!


About atomsoft

Starting a small company. Trying to build it from ground up. Only 2 employees so far. Nothing serious yet but soon!

4 responses to “AtomSoftTech Part Collection”

  1. @chasxmd says :

    Wow, this is a very nice collection of goodies!

    • atomsoft says :

      Thanks! Perhaps one day ill be able to name everything. Just so many. Hundreds and hundreds. Plus the hidden gems. Like the rf bad. Those wifi chips are all esp8266 but 1 of every module. So esp01 to esp12… for future testing and play.

      • @chasxmd says :

        If you do you’ll be way ahead of me! I have my resistors sorted by value and caps by type then my chips sorted into 48 different bins by type but otherwise my storage is similar except type of bin. I don’t nearly have the inductors you do… A lot of small resistor-like packaged ones but not the SMD iron core; must be for all your power supplies?

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