Sale on Tindie!

Save 15% off my TinyLED sets…be sure to use code: 14A3291


Save 20% off my SIS-2 Universal IR Remote Control Dev Board using code 2DE4F90


Visit the shop!

Sale is on current stock only.


About atomsoft

Starting a small company. Trying to build it from ground up. Only 2 employees so far. Nothing serious yet but soon!

2 responses to “Sale on Tindie!”

  1. Glen Hathaway says :

    Hey Jason. I ordered a few boards. The 15% off on TinyLEDs didn’t work, but maybe it doesn’t apply on bare boards? Not sure…

    After about four years of not looking at electronics, I have the bug again – at least a little. I ordered myself a scope (Siglent SDS1202CNS+) which should be here in a week or so. Should be entertaining – learn some new things…

    • atomsoft says :

      Hey Glen! Oh man where have you been! Ill take care of that 15% Email me at … i need your paypal email address, so i can refund the correct amount back to you. The discount is active but for some reason Tindie didnt apply it? Ill let them know as well.

      Heh i know what you mean. Ive had thoughts of taking a break but i cant.. it has a hold over me.

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