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What is it?

AtomMSSP is a I2C & SPI development tool. It’s basic use is to test I2C and SPI devices. Use it to dump eeproms, control shift registers and more. I’m developing a windows application but will post little manual on how to create ur own application or automate communication.

It’s basically a USB to UART to I2C/SPI & GPIO.I created a nice packet system for it and it’s pretty simple to use. You get some GPIOs to use and control of powering the external chip via the program. You can turn off or on the device basically. Also AtomMSSP has a 5V tollerant I2C port.Also has a built in I2C scanner function. What’s even better is it will lookup the devices in a json file I will include and give you more info in a automatically generated HTML file.

Might include 5v tolerant gpio and SPI.. just lots of work.Been working on this a couple weeks. It’s fun. Even working on a enclosure. Windows application designed in C#. All firmware is written in XC8. (Microchip) uses a PIC18F27J53 mcu with 12mhz clock + PLL to 48MHz.That’s all for now but expect an update in maybe a week. This will be for sale in the coming months on my Tindie store. I’ll be sure to post a link.Update: 6-29-19 7:28pmChanged from json to text file. This will allow any user to add devices with a simple text editor.

Converted the entire json I had to txt.

Update: changed the layout and flow a bit. Simpler to send full commands.

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Starting a small company. Trying to build it from ground up. Only 2 employees so far. Nothing serious yet but soon!

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