Touch Screen remote

Yes I know I’ve done this in the past with a 7in capacitive LCD.. but it’s fun. Also this is using an esp32 so wifi enabled.

Basic operations.. esp32 configures LCD.. SD card then wifi. Loads images into it’s ram for remote keys and toggle switches.

The TV or TVs yes it can control 2 or more. Are controlled via Rokus Extended control stuff. Basically you send post signals to your TV and can control it that way. You can control as many Roku TVs as it allows on your network. The current issue is this is only local. So you have to be on same network as TV which isn’t an issue to be honest.

The goal…

I use a 32 inch Roku TVs as my monitor. It’s great so far but to have to find the remote if I misplace it can be a hassle. So I plan to build this into my computer as a front panel. So I can simple press what ever I want to do. No aiming of remotes.. no finding.. just simple control.

Update March 23… Base code is from..

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