Breadboard Buddy Universal (V3)

Hey everyone. Got a new version of my BreadBoard Buddy out in the wild. I have only 1 left as they sold out quick. I’ll be making an order for new pcbs today. I’ll post a link also where to order later today. 1 lucky person is getting 2. They placed an order on tindie from me and I decided to give them the upgraded pcbs.

Here is info for it:

The newer version included 2 user LEDs and a universal layout for breadboards.

VIN Pin:
This pin connects to the regulator ONLY. It will NOT charge your battery. It will NOT touch USB Votlage. MAX VOLTAGE IS 6V on this pin.

L1 and L2 are both connected to ground with a 2K resistor. Simply supply a high voltage of about 2v-5v to turn them on.

User Button:
The Button can be Pulled High to 3.3v or 5V Using the solder jumper on bottom.

Lipo Charging/Power:
The battery charger can be set to either 100mA or 500mA charging current via a solder jumper on the bottom. When a battery is plugged in it will power the regulator on board. I used a BAT54C to share power with USB and VBAT so nothing blows up.

VCC Rails:
There are 2 rails. Left side and Right. Each rail can supply 3.3v or 5v to each side without affecting the other side. This is nice when you are working on a 5v / 3.3v system mixed.

LEDs are also using a higher resistor as they can be bright as heck. It’s nice to be able to see a LED on without blinding yourself. 🙂

Yes, for now the PCBs will be black.

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