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Hey guys, this post will just be an update. I have a couple of new PCBs being made by OSHPark . They are awesome as usual and have kept up during this pandemic. Which is a tuff thing to do.

The first PCB is my IOBuddy shrunk down to smaller size. Its called the AtomIO

As you can see from the render it has 3 Outputs (LED) and 2 Inputs (BTN). It’s tiny as heck and will help keep breadboards less full. The LEDs are tied to GND with a Resistor so all you have to do is supply 2v to 6v to turn them on. The buttons are pulled low via 10k – 22k ohm. So when pressed they output a HIGH signal. What ever is on the power rail it is connected to.

The colors for the LEDs will most likely be customizable on tindie shop. I will offer White, Red, Blue, Green and Yellow as the choices.

The next board I have on the way is more of an internal use PCB but may sell it if wanted enough. its a simple breakout for those memory LCDs from sharp. The LS027B7DH01 to be exact. I call it the AtomSharp.

Its a basic breakout. Contains the caps needed and 0 Ohm resistor to share VDD with VDDA. Also has a 0 Ohm resistor jumper to allow different EXTMODEs. You can check page 21 of the datasheet for its use. Most use it tied to VSS which I will also do but its nice to have the option to test the other way.

I wanted to make this so i can also 3d print a nice case for the LCD. They are fragile and it’ll be nice to have a enclosure to protect it during testing and development.

I also obtained myself a ESP32-C3 and Raspberry Pi Pico which i havent had time to play with yet. Ill try to get time for those and post up some stuff.

I’ve been a bit sick lately. Don’t want to get into it much but i have some time off from work ill be using to relax and get into this stuff again.

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