If im forgetting something please comment or email me.

Some basic info:

Power LED
Reset Button
ENC28J60 breakout ready (Header on PCB for the ENC28J60 Ethernet PCBS sold everywhere!)
SPI breakout (2 if ethernet isnt used)
I2C breakout
GPIO pins
USB HOST (fuse protected)
3 User LEDs
3 User buttons
ICSP header
USB Bootloader ready! <— hex bootloader file, for use with MPIDE as FubarinoSD
USB Bootloader Driver <— Thanks Ken!

To enter bootloader mode just reset the board while holding SW1 and L1 will start flashing to signify bootloader mode. This will create a virtual com port to use in MPIDE. Video soon!

For use with MPIDE:


First Run sketch: [View] <— Comes pre-programmed on the board.
MicroSD Card Info sketch: [View]

Now Running RetroBSD

Check it out, nothing huge but got some console data back from USB of my Atom32. Now using UART2, default baud is at 115200.

Pretty cool! Im working on getting the console pushed to UART2 but so far its a pain in the tush!

Can also control GPIO (led in video)

As a disclaimer this is NOT TESTED 100% and its not my code so any flaws or errors remain on the RetroBSD side. I have simply modifies the FUBARINO code to work with the Atom32, since they use the same MCU. I have only tested running the core and controlling some GPIO. I will post the replacements/modifications later on today.


The above BASIC contains the unix.hex and sdcard.rd & bootloader.hex.

To run you must:
load bootloader.hex via PICKIT3
load unix.hex via PICKIT3 or PIC32PROG (never got pic32prog to work)

Use linux to copy the sdcard.rd to a microsd (i used 2GB) card. To copy simply: (sdx = your card/drive, mines was sdb)

sudo dd if=sdcard.rd of=/dev/sdx

After some time it will complete and you will have a bootable sd filesystem for the RetroBSD Atom32. Enjoy!

Also be sure to visit: RetroBSD
UPDATE:  DOWNLOAD MODS simply replace these files in your RetroBSD source and MAKE and it should work 🙂

My Source for RetroBSD for Atom32 (complete!) – GITHUB
As for the github source, it now has the option in MAKEFILE for ATOM32 🙂 When i get time ill revert the FUBARINO back to normal.


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