What is the AtomDuino?

The AtomDuino is basically an Arduino Pro Mini but the size of a dime. It has just about everything the arduino mini has including reset button, power supply/regulator, all pullups and caps along with pins for a FTDI programmer. The pins are not exactly the same but you have to wire this anyway. Its way to tiny for headers.

Where did the idea come from?

To be honest i wanted to make something like this for a while. The thing that actually fueled me to do it was a friendly chat with a friend on twitter who happens to be the maker of the “IMUduino ” which is one awesome piece of hardware. [His site] Now this wasnt a competition of any kind but its fun. Just like the SMALLEST Duino on HAD (Hack-A-Day) which was also by me. This is just a “i know i can do it” kind of situation.

What does it look like?

Well to be honest i just ordered the boards on the 5th of January (night before this post) and they will take a couple weeks to get in. The one thing i can show you is the preview images and schematics. The Circumference is 17mm a US Dime is 17.91 mm so you get the picture here. All parts are on 1 side and the pads to wire to are on bottom. Just about all the pins are broken out on bottom as you can see in the below image.

How much will it cost?

To be honest i have no clue as of yet but somewhere between $13 and $19… something like that i assume. Not a 100% final figureWhen ready it will be available in my tindie store.

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