Breadboard Buddy Pro

Updates, images, and info coming soon. Page will be updated frequently.

Let me start out by saying Thank You! To all the contributors who are helping make this possible.

Go get one!


 What is the Breadboard Buddy Pro

First of from now on i will refer to the Breadboard Buddy Pro as BBBPro. The BBBPro is a 4 in 1 breadboard tool. The amount of time you save using this is crazy! Ive been using my original Breadboard Buddy for years and the main addition is the newer CP2104 and Lipo Charging.

The board can be broken down into four main parts.

  1. USB to UART
  2. Dual Power Supply, can supply 5v and 3.3v @ 500mA, with select-able rails!
  3. Lipo Charge/Power
  4. Reset Switch

How Can a Breadboard Buddy Pro Help

As you can see this is a packed board. One of the best parts of this PCB is its actual layout/design. It slides right into your breadboard. Connects to the power rails and inner data rails and gives your breadboard design access to the USB to UART, Reset, Power and even the Lipo! (If needed)

There is no need to wire up a separate modules anymore. Everything is condensed into a nice small time saving package.  The power rails can be either both 5v, both 3.3v or one 5v and one 3.3v. So you can have a choice of either or both. All powered from usb or lipo connector.

Some Setting/Jumpers on the board


Okay on the bottom of the board there are 2 solder jumpers.

You must select the Reset Button power. This is NOT PRE-SET. You can either have it pullup to 5v or 3.3v. Depending on the circuits you work most with. I suggest using 3.3v for both. Since a high value on a 5v system is approx. 2.4v anyway.

The LIPO 100mA or 500mA is pre-set to 500mA. To change to 100mA you must cut the trace between 500mA pad and Center pad, then solder the 100mA pad to center pad.


Some images/views.

New images 12/17/14:


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