3D Printing

Starting this month i will be designing or redesigning a 3D printer. A great start i found on general info is:



The printer that seems to have grabbed my attention is the Prusa i3 (http://reprap.org/wiki/Prusa_i3)


It’s small and functional. Cheap in price not in design. I might either just make that model (BOX) or redesign it a bit to fit my specs. For any 3D design work i use Solidworks 2011 at the moment. Since i have it already from working on the CNC machine.


3D Printing is awesome. The idea of being able to print a physical object from plastic (ABS,PLA) Filament is just outstanding to me. Imagine all the little parts that break, for instance you have a $200 printer and the button on front breaks! now you cant turn it off or on without a pencil or screwdriver. Replacement button in minutes! Or the gear from said printer wears out. Usually you would just throw the printer out or get it serviced for $$$ (more than a new printer in some cases) … print your own gears. for pennies!

Custom Cases, Enclosures, Adapters … etc… the list is just to much to even write.


Anyway, feel free to stop in once and a while and check out any updates. Ill be sure to tag them this time with #3DPrint or something 🙂

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