LPC210x UART0 Calc v3

Just made a UART0 Calculator for ARM7 LPC210x (x = 1,2 or 3) Nice simple calculator and code generator for setting up UART control and pins. [Download][MIRROR] Update: Fixed a small issue … Code produced was : PINSEL0 = 0x05; should have been: PINSEL0 |= 0x05; So other pins on PINSEL0 will not be altered.Continue reading “LPC210x UART0 Calc v3”

LPC2103 Expansion w/ Power board & SD Breakout w/ Pull Ups

Take a look at these 2 boards. I will make the top layer with a special label paper. The top layer will just be PIN NAMES… (Ill take pics when done) One is a break out for a MicroSD card with Pull Up resistors on each line to save power and also a 0.1uf capContinue reading “LPC2103 Expansion w/ Power board & SD Breakout w/ Pull Ups”


Still no luck in getting things running. The programmer can see the device. Im not sure if its my programmer or device. So i made about 3 different wiggler clones. None work. I assume its the device but all connections are 100%. I checked with multimeter to determine if anything is touching and everything isContinue reading “LPC2103 WOOHS! SO SAD!!!”